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How to Make CBDA Infused Coffee

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Simple as 1-2-3 when you use Infuse It CBDA water soluble powder.

(1) Add a scoop of powder to your cup then

(2) add the coffee of your choice to the cup,

(3) stirring is optional!

The coffee will taste exactly like you remember. No off flavors or bitterness. No MCT oils, Just coffee the way you like it.

Do you like grinding your own beans? Do you like your coffee perked? Do you like your coffee from a French press? Even instant coffee will give you a consistent flavor and dose because you control the infusion.

Water temperature, brewing time and coffee strength are irrelevant to the amount of CBDA consumed. Our CBDA water soluble powder is made from a proprietary water-based process, no other solvents are used and is truly stable and water soluble.

A major issue with purchased pre-infused coffee is knowing how much CBD or CBDA you actually consume. The CBDA that is infused or added to the beans or ground coffee tends to remain with the coffee. What ends up in the cup is not what is on the label!

Another major issue is flavor! Besides the fact that the infused coffee you buy is not your favorite coffee, it often tastes like hemp or is artificially flavored to cover up the hemp taste.

So, just enjoy your coffee knowing it is pure and contains exactly what you want!

Robert H Wohleb, Ph.D

Wohleb Scientific LLC

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