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About Us

Simply Elegant Solutions!

The Company


Wohleb Scientific LLC was formed to bring sound scientific principles to the extraction of cannabinoids from hemp. Its principles are the scientists, they do not have to hire scientific expertise. They have experience in natural product isolation dating back to the early 70’s with additional backgrounds in chromatography, sample preparation, environmental cleanup and clinical in vitro diagnostics. Their philosophy is, and always has been, simplicity is the best approach. While the rest of the hemp market was focused on hydrocarbon, alcohol and CO2 extraction, their goal was to develop a simple water-based process to accomplish the same thing, but cleaner and with fewer steps. Patented of course!

They are dedicated to purity and quality, using food and pharmaceutical principles as guidance. The new clean and environmentally sound water-based process allows CBDA to be abundantly extracted.

Infuse It Technology

In keeping with the simplistic approach, Wohleb Scientific developed a water-based process for producing the water-soluble powdered CBDA. The Infuse It powder is the only truly water-soluble CBDA on the market! Contrary to marketing claims, all other “water soluble” products are far from soluble. They actually form a colloidal suspension. With Infuse It, CBDA is soluble at the molecular level!

It is true solubility that allows the company to offer Infuse It directly to the consumer, who can now independently infuse their own food or drink into a CBDA oral product.




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